November 21 roundup

by Ted Frank on November 21, 2006

  • Today at AEI: Panel (and webcast) on Massachusetts v. EPA Supreme Court argument on carbon dioxide regulation. [AEI]
  • Paulson to Economic Club of New York: “Legal reform is crucial to the long-term competitiveness of our economy.” [Paulson; WSJ; WaPo; NYT; American]
  • One who reposts on Internet allegedly libelous news article immune from liability in California. One hopes this deters a certain attorney complaining about a six-year-old Overlawyered post recounting a 2000 LA Times article. [Point of Law; Volokh]
  • It’s an obvious point, but many judges simply refuse to acknowledge it in failure-to-warn litigation: overwarning can be counterproductive. [WaPo]
  • Congress holds that Psalms 37:21 trumps Leviticus 27:30; Senator Obama objects. [WaPo]
  • Russia: woman successfully sues Coca-Cola for causing gastrointestinal distress. [Kevin M.D.]
  • More on breast implants. [Bernstein @ Volokh]
  • More on the New Zealand no-fault med-mal system. [Point of Law]
  • Posner on Friedman. [Posner]
  • John Edwards seeks to cut in front of line to purchase Playstation 3 at Wal-Mart. Which of the Two Americas is that again? [Taylor @ Reason via Kirkendall]


1 conservative reader 11.21.06 at 3:53 pm

re: Edwards & Playstation — Where’s the legal issue there again?

Maybe I’m just on the wrong blog.

2 a fundraiser 11.25.06 at 11:02 am

I liked your link to Michelle Singletary’s recent column, “Charity begins, and ends, at creditor.”

I wrote about the influence of this bankruptcy reform bill on my fundraising blog:

3 LAN3 11.27.06 at 3:05 am

Suing Coke for Intestinal distress?

Oh man, get me a lawyer– I’m going to own the New Belgium Brewery for all the distress they’ve caused my intestines!

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