“Ladies’ Nights” lawsuits, cont’d

by Walter Olson on July 29, 2007

ABC News files a report on a sector of litigation we’ve covered extensively over the years:

Tim Gleason, general manager of the China Club in New York, calls [attorney Roy Den] Hollander’s complaint “pathetic” and echoes other club owners who argue that the discounts actually help both sexes by balancing out the ratio between men and women….

“Ladies’ Night benefits the men as much as it benefits the ladies, the clubs and society,” said John Juliano, owner of the recently closed Copacabana Nightclub. “And the only loser here is this grouch with a warped point of view.”

GWU lawprof and inveterate publicity hound John Banzhaf, whose “suing for credit” course has generated one such suit, gets a mention too. (Brittany Bacon, “‘Ladies’ Night’ Lawsuits on the Rocks?”, Jul. 25; 239 reader comments so far). More: Lat, Jul. 30.

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Ladies’ Nights: a win for NYC clubs
09.30.08 at 7:15 pm

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1 Amy Alkon 07.29.07 at 9:26 pm

If he wins, lonely men can then band together and sue him for turning Ladies Night into, say, Testosterone Tuesday.

How much of a genius do you have to be to figure out that bar owners aren’t doing this because they have some special place in their hearts for women?

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