Prosecutorial abuse “rarer than human rabies”?

by Walter Olson on August 3, 2007

So claims Joshua Marquis, vice president of the National District Attorneys Association, commenting on the Nifong-Duke lacrosse case. (Adam Liptak, “Prosecutor Becomes Prosecuted”, New York Times, Jun. 24). The reaction of Washington-based writer Carey Roberts: “Not by a long shot,” as witness a list with familiar names on it like Wenatchee, Wash. and the Scheck/Neufeld Innocence Project, as well as investigations by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Chicago Tribune, and more. (“The Nifong case – how rare?”, Washington Times, Jul. 29).

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1 anonymous coward 08.03.07 at 4:19 am

Take everything coming out of his mouth with an entire container of salt. A couple examples of his opinions:

His personal blog:

This guy has been the Clatsop County DA for years – he usually runs unopposed.

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