Some updates

by Ted Frank on August 13, 2007

  • Tab Turner’s Pearsonesque $2 billion lawsuit over Ford Explorer SUVs proceeds in California state court in Sacramento. [Sacramento Bee; earlier, June 18]
  • West Va. judge holds hearing over YouTube videos disclosing plaintiff depositions. [AP/Insurance Journal; earlier, August 4]
  • On Point has the complaint from Leroy Greer’s suit against 1-800-Flowers for failing to do enough to keep his wife ignorant of his flower purchases for his mistress.
  • Movable Type appears to have swallowed several comments from earlier this month (including at least one comment from me). Apologies to everyone affected.

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1 William Nuesslein 08.13.07 at 7:52 pm

Who should be culpable for the putative $1,000 loss in value of Ford Explorers from the tire recall? Plantiff lawyers and our idiotic media who manufactured the hysteria, that’s who.

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