Apple iPhone: environmentalists pile on

by Walter Olson on October 17, 2007

Everyone else is getting publicity by filing suits over the iPhone, so they may as well too: “Environmentalists have threatened to sue Apple if it does not make its iPhone a “greener” product or tell consumers of the toxins allegedly used in the device’s manufacture. The Center for Environmental Health (CEH), a campaign group based in Oakland, California, said that it would launch legal action in 60 days unless Apple took action.” (Rhys Blakely, Apple faces legal threat over ‘toxic’ iPhone”, Times Online (U.K.), Oct. 17; InfoWorld; ArsTechnica). The CEH is invoking California’s ultra-liberal Prop 65 toxics-warning law, on which see posts here, here, here, etc.

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1 mojo 10.17.07 at 12:43 pm

If you go to the California DOJ Prop65 website and search for “Plaintiff: Center for Environmental Health”, it returns a whopping 266 matches in the “60 Day Notices”…

Someone has a hobby, I’d say.

2 Greg Dwyer 10.17.07 at 1:51 pm

When I clicked to read the first news story, I got an iPhone pop-up ad. Irony

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