Memphis: “Police director sues for names of bloggers critical of MPD”

by Walter Olson on July 23, 2008

“Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin and the city of Memphis have filed a lawsuit to learn who operates a blog harshly critical of Godwin and his department.” (Amos Maki, Memphis Commercial Appeal, Jul. 22, via Folo). More: Instapundit.

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1 Todd Rogers 07.23.08 at 6:24 pm

Surely there are a few Con-Lawyer who read this site and will chime in. Last time I read The Federalist Papers, I recall a few comments about dissent aimed at the government being necessary in a free society. Maybe I was dreaming at the time but something tells me there is a difference between a corporation suing for libel and a government suing its citizens who dissent. Did I imagine that or were the Framers and Founders kind of in to that sort of thing…calling a spade a spade?

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