Update: Jury Rejects Flight Attendant’s Claim

by Jason Barney on August 14, 2008

The flight attendant sought a whopping $405K for the alleged assault.  This demand seemed unreasonable based on the description of the injuries, even if they occurred as alleged (“Jury says no assault, agrees with Osteen’s wife”, MSNBC, Aug. 14, earlier).


1 Amsterdamsky 08.15.08 at 3:15 am

This very same stewardess pulled the same type of stunt with me and my business partner. Luckily we were on an international flight terminating in a less litigeous country and charges were dismissed. I sincerely hope the Olsteens do a massive counter suit for defamation.

2 Todd Rogers 08.15.08 at 7:00 am

Assuming this is a serial plaintiff, I have to wonder about the financial burden she has had on the tax payers (and Mrs. Olsteen for that matter). I hope I never encounter this flight attendant in person.”Stewardess” is sooooo un-PC. Someone call the speech police, please.

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