Microblog 2008-11-05

by Walter Olson on November 5, 2008


1 JTT 11.06.08 at 10:20 pm

Maybe I’m just a retard who doesn’t understand Twitter, but I was very interested in the first story but have no idea how to actually find a link to it. The think that came up when I clicked the link was clearly not about the story.

2 Walter Olson 11.06.08 at 10:53 pm

JTT: I think what’s happened here is that the author of the post in question (Victoria Pynchon, who was a guestblogger here last week) is a very active user of Twitter which means you would have to dig down quite a few pages into her older posts. Or you might try contacting her by email if you want more info.

3 The Cumudgeonly Ex-Clerk 11.07.08 at 11:16 am

Just FYI, I had the very same problem as the first poster, and for reasons of time just couldn’t find the story. Twitter may have many uses; but the (apparent) inability to link to a single post/message makes links to them pretty worthless. (Not that I’m placing the blame for that on you, Mr. Olson!)

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