Microblog 2008-11-06

by Walter Olson on November 6, 2008

  • Expects to have to fight Obama on policy, wept anyway when he came to podium for victory speech [Jonathan Blanks] #
  • Every self-respecting insider-trading ring should include an exotic dancer and a Croatian underwear seamstress [Bainbridge] #
  • New panel discussion: why are schools so bureaucratized and what can we do about it? [NewTalk] # @sekimori “Bureaucracy is to protect the system from litigation.” Not cynical to think this is one big part of the problem. #
  • @bschuelke: “Why is it so difficult to get clients’ medical records? Should be easy but is often the hardest part of the case.” #
  • Primer on role of Delaware in corporate law [NY Times] #
  • Ways to find good, underrated people [Ben Casnocha h/t Tyler Cowen] #
  • Cluelessness alert: U.K. cabinet minister criticizes blogs for not “allowing new voices” [Massie] #
  • Dems swept races for judge in Houston — unless their names were too unusual [Houston Chronicle] #

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Nova Scotia Scott
11.07.08 at 10:15 am

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1 bfs 11.08.08 at 9:54 am

The Democractic sweep of judicial offices in Harris County (Houston) mirrors what happened in Dallas County (Dallas) in the last judicial elections. I have seen nonpartisan judicial elections work well, but this is what happens when judicial elections are partisan.

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