Now at “Inside the Health Care Bill”

by Walter Olson on July 22, 2009

Forbes is just up with a new, improved version of my piece on the amazing trial lawyer bonanza that someone quietly tucked into last week’s draft of the health care bill. An earlier version of the piece ran at Overlawyered on Friday. The Forbes version takes note of the names of the House members who were pushing for and against the idea on the Ways & Means panel. Michelle Malkin gives it a recommendation here.

P.S. Some kind words, as well as a link, from Ashby Jones at the WSJ Law Blog (calling us “the granddaddy of legal blogs”). Plus: Don Surber, Charleston (W.V.) Daily Mail, Bainbridge, Wood/ShopFloor, Riehl World View, Bader/CEI “Open Market”.

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Obama Health-Care Plan Destroys Cheap Health-Care Options, Raises Taxes, Breaks Promises |
07.23.09 at 6:02 pm

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1 Dr. Mary Johnson 07.22.09 at 6:54 pm

Good catch, Walter.

Consider yourself linked, dude:

I’m not a lawyer. I hope I got most of the legal stuff right.

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