National Journal blogger’s poll on med-mal

by Walter Olson on September 12, 2009

Some interestingly cross-cutting results, summarized by National Journal as “Would Tort Reform Make Pill Easier To Swallow? Right-Leaning Bloggers Say They’d Support A Health Care Bill That Included It; Some Left-Leaners Would Hold Their Nose For It.” The results, though, may have been influenced by wording that was susceptible to multiple interpretations. I added this comment, raising a sub-issue that I think might make a good topic for bipartisan discussions:

My pet proposal? Work on out-of-court dispute resolution methods for the sizable share of medical care the federal government already provides. Alas, Congress is headed in the other direction, as with its interest in opening up med-mal suits by active-duty personnel against military doctors.

More: David Kopel, Volokh.

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1 Todd Rogers 09.12.09 at 7:54 pm

OR, Obamacare could just include low-cost (dare I say subsidized) travel vouchers to places such as Bumrungrad as an “option” to the public, provided the patient pays “OOP” and signs a waiver. There might, however, be some powerful interests who oppose this idea, and will argue to the death that it doesn’t offer negatively impacted patients sufficient remedy. Go figure.

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