Disclaimer in a 1975 gun book

by Walter Olson on December 1, 2009

TortsProf’s Christopher Robinette notes the exceedingly cautious language employed by the publisher of a book on the Walther P-38 pistol. “It’s sad that the publisher can’t even ‘approve of,’ never mind ‘advise’ or ‘encourage,’ the ‘use of’ the material ‘in any manner.'”

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1 James Fulford 12.01.09 at 1:57 am

Probably standard verbiage–while the manual for the P-38 is harmless, assuming you have a license for the pistol, other titles from Desert Publications include Alcohol Distiller’s Handbook, Defending Your Retreat: A Manual for Combat After the Collapse, How to Build Silencers, Elementary Field Interrogation, Improvised Explosives for Detonators, How to open handcuffs without keys, Improvised Lock Picks, How to Build Flash/Stun Grenades, and the Black Book of Arson.

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