Drunken boater crashes into pier

by Walter Olson on January 7, 2010

The miscreant skipper has already pleaded guilty to manslaughter and intoxicated boating, but the family of a slain passenger is now suing the feds for not lighting the pier more brightly. [Jessica Spies, Greece (N.Y.) Post]


1 Farky 01.07.10 at 8:30 pm

Well, let a fact-finder determine if he’s right. Hey, the mob doesn’t use the court system, does that mean we should all just “whack” folks who do us wrong?

2 Bill Poser 01.08.10 at 12:09 am

Perhaps I’m missing some crucial bit of local knowledge, but why is the lighting of the Summerville Pier relevant if the boat crashed into the Charlotte Pier?

3 PW 01.08.10 at 7:32 am

Because different locals around here call the same pier by different names.

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