Woman finds “demonic” face on canned pear

by Walter Olson on May 13, 2010

And wants recompense from the fruit canner, in New Zealand. [Stuff.co.nz]


1 L.C. Burgundy 05.13.10 at 6:50 pm

Demons sure do have prominent upper teeth.

2 Bill Poser 05.13.10 at 9:09 pm

When she finds a peach with the image of the Virgin Mary, is she going to share her profits with the canner?

3 wfjag 05.14.10 at 8:07 am

It was a can of “Budget Pear Halfs.” That’s why the pear needs dental work.

4 Bob Lipton 05.14.10 at 8:09 am

Rather cheerful looking pear. Nothing that a nice toupee wouldn’t cure.

5 Aaron Worthing 05.14.10 at 9:16 am

i wonder if they do loser pays in NZ.

6 Edward Lunny 05.14.10 at 12:08 pm

Is she certain that it is not just a reflection in the bottom of the plate ?

7 John Burgess 05.14.10 at 5:22 pm

God help the courts if she ever opened a tin of asparagus!

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