“Worst state attorneys general”, cont’d

by Walter Olson on July 22, 2010

Hans Bader of the Competitive Enterprise Institute informs me that Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal has in a sense won his recount after all: a recalculation taking into account a bit of overlooked data has now moved him up from #3 to #2 on this year’s list, though he’s still essentially tied with Oklahoma’s Drew Edmondson. In first place: California’s Jerry Brown, while perennial favorites Patrick Lynch of Rhode Island and Darrell McGraw of West Virginia fill the #4 and #5 places, and a newcomer, William Sorrell of Vermont, makes an appearance at #6.

More: Bader in the Examiner on the selection process.

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1 Justin Hopkins 07.22.10 at 7:23 pm

How is Ken Cuccinelli not on this list?

His actions are just as bad if not worse than anybody on this list.

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