December 23 roundup

by Walter Olson on December 23, 2010


1 Doug 12.23.10 at 11:54 am

Hate the d*&@ ban on phosphorous in the dish washing detergent. Dishes suck and you really almost have to clean them by hand. This is going to stop algae blooms? I could care less.

2 Bill Alexander 12.23.10 at 12:45 pm

Try adding a little TSP.

3 X-mas 12.24.10 at 4:57 pm

“Nothing says Christmas like taking away a child’s treasured toy and destroying it.”

Ok, so Christmas is a special occasion according to James Taranto… I guess I didn’t know that “the meaning of the season” was to celebrate violence, materialism, irresponsible parenting, spoiled children, etc.

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