Law schools roundup

by Walter Olson on March 29, 2011

  • ABA accreditors may tighten disclosure rules for law schools [TaxProf, Hoffman, Mystal]
  • Did Chicago-Kent vault in rankings just by getting US News to present its name differently? [ATL] More on strangeness of rankings [Bernstein, Somin] Law schools ranked on “diversity,” coherence of concept questioned [John Gordon, Commentary]
  • Update: charges pressed against Widener prof over hypotheticals in crim law class [Kerr and more, Thorne/NAS, Reynolds, earlier]
  • Applications plunge, perhaps providing a good occasion for rethinking what law schools do [ABA Journal]
  • “NLRB Chairman Joins St. John’s Conference on the Evils of Business” [ShopFloor]
  • Why lawprofs’ daydreams of power differ from other academics’ [Jay Greene] And my law school travels continue as I discuss Schools for Misrule this week at Colorado, Wyoming, and McGeorge (University of the Pacific).

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