Lemonade Freedom Day

by Walter Olson on August 12, 2011

Raise a defiant glass on August 20. Hey, that’s my birthday! Earlier here, here; more from CEI’s Ryan Young and Iain Murray in a post, podcast and column, Freedom Center of Missouri (map of “The Government War on Kid-Run Concession Stands”), and Ken at Popehat.


1 Doug 08.12.11 at 6:57 am

All the great people were born in August.

2 Bharat Chandrasekhar 08.19.11 at 2:49 pm

Apparently Ron Paul was born August 20th as well.

3 Casey 08.19.11 at 8:34 pm

If I lived in a house instead of an apartment, I’d lend a hand and sell some lemonade.

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