After SOPA protest day

by Walter Olson on January 20, 2012


1 Paul 01.20.12 at 2:33 pm

They already had the plans for the overzealous Megaupload formed while we were busy protesting SOPA. I guess Hollywood makes good campaign contributions.

2 gitarcarver 01.20.12 at 4:19 pm

Both bills are now on hold as the respective bodies “re-evaluate” them, which might be code for “we need more money” or “if we put these on the back shelf, people may forget about them.”

3 Jack Olson 01.21.12 at 9:20 am

They’ll hide one or both bills as an amendment to a bill no one opposes–a legislative Trojan Horse.

4 Rliyen 01.24.12 at 1:44 pm

Re: Bill hiding


And that’s what frightens me.

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