Claim: “defamation by omission”

by Walter Olson on February 2, 2012

“Once profiled in The New York Times as a former Harvard student who had his own claim as being the true genius behind Facebook, [Aaron] Greenspan is now involved in a dispute with Columbia Pictures that alleges [among other counts] he was defamed by being left out of the award-winning film about Facebook’s origins ['The Social Network'].” [Hollywood Reporter]


1 Bill H 02.02.12 at 2:11 am

OK, I’ll bite. Just how do you defame someone by not talking about them? This sounds very much like the ultimate goal, the ne plus ultra for a narcissist.

2 captnhal 02.02.12 at 2:45 pm

And if he was included and it wasn’t in the mind of the plaintiff 100% in agreement with the plaintiff’s self portrait, that would also lead to a suit.

3 boblipton 02.02.12 at 5:15 pm

It’s a conspiracy of silence and in the words of Whistler, he should join it.


4 smart dude 02.03.12 at 12:25 am

If not for Columbia Pictures ignoring his magnificent existence, the plaintiff would be a multi-billionaire.

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