Regulated if you do, sued if you don’t

by Walter Olson on March 5, 2012

The Lookout News of Santa Monica, Calif. reports on obstacles to the revitalization of the Pico Boulevard commercial district:

“Businesses on Pico have been very frustrated by code compliance regulations for years,” [Pico Improvement Organization chairman Robert] Kronovet said. “You have a business that might have a sign in the wrong place or a door that isn’t right and the city fines them to the point that they don’t want to stay.

“These are small businesses. They don’t have the money to fight it.”…

Proprietor Elvira Garcia [of Caribbean restaurant Cha Cha Chicken] says business has been terrific, but that the success has been hard-won.

“We wanted to renovate our bathroom areas to make it more handicap-accessible and it took us almost three years to get all the permits,” Garcia said.

“We kept giving all the paperwork they need, but it took forever. We needed the Pico Improvement Organization to plead our case.”

California has the nation’s most active entrepreneurial corps of ADA enforcers, roaming business districts to file mass complaints against small businesses over handicap accessibility which they then settle for cash.

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1 smart dude 03.05.12 at 10:33 pm

Granted this is the notorious “Peoples Republic of Santa Monica,” but this case explemplifies why the US is continuing to drop in the 2012 Index of Economic Freedom.

The United States is no longer in the “Free” category. We have dropped into the “Mostly Free” rankings, with Ireland, Chile, and Mauritius now ranked ahead of us.

If we are to become prosperous again, we have to eliminate the Santa Monica style government regulations crushing our local and national economies.

2 Randy 03.07.12 at 3:14 pm

ADA = Lawyers Full Employment Act

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