July 23 roundup

by Walter Olson on July 23, 2012

  • Oh, ABC: “America’s Wrongest Reporter” Brian Ross achieves another feat of wrongness [Hans Bader] “Don’t turn Aurora killer into celebrity” [David Kopel, USA Today] For the media: five tips on how not to misreport the gun angle [Robert VerBruggen, NRO]
  • Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture Wars challenges me on the War For Roberts’ Vote, and I respond;
  • The “contains peanuts” warning on a peanut jar [Point of Law]
  • “California Stats Show Elected Judges Disciplined More Often than Appointed Judges” [ABA Journal] New Federalist Society guide on state judicial selection procedures;
  • “Science Quotas for Women–A White House Goal” [Charlotte Allen, Minding the Campus; Hans Bader] More: Heritage. “Title IX swings wildly at invisible enemy” [Neal McCluskey]
  • So that’s what his business card meant when it said he practiced at Loeb and Wachs [AP: "Hawaii attorney convicted in ear licking case"]
  • Rare occasion in which defendant is allowed to strike back: California appeals court says software executive can pursue malicious prosecution case against class action lawyers [NLJ]

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1 robert 07.23.12 at 7:47 pm

When Spike Lee tweeted the address of a completely unrelated “Zimmerman” family, claiming that these were George Zimmerman’s parents, and encouraging people to go attack them (or worse) I was furious that no charges were brought against Mr. Lee. ( see http://articles.cnn.com/2012-03-28/justice/justice_florida-teen-spike-lee_1_apology-skittles-director-spike-lee?_s=PM:JUSTICE )

Maybe Justice will prevail for Brian Ross’ similar stunt.

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