No, Indian tribes aren’t the rightful owners of North America

by Walter Olson on September 20, 2012

Drawing on Chapter 10 of Schools for Misrule, I explain at Cato at Liberty — in response to an exchange between Bryan Caplan and Richard Reinsch — why it isn’t necessary to resort to the a priori rights analysis of the late Murray Rothbard to demonstrate that (& Jeremy Blevins).


1 David Smith 09.20.12 at 5:37 pm

The Indians (all 800 tribes/languages/cultures of them) better be careful what they ask for.

With this precedent, they might have to give back to . . . . whoever . . . . until it reaches the ONLY people (native or otherwise) who can claim to have entered an unpossessed territory – the Tierra del Fuegans.

2 Alan K. Henderson 09.22.12 at 12:50 am

I hear PETA is suing the Tierra del Fuegans on behalf of the Magellanic Penguin.

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