Bainbridge on clinical legal education

by Walter Olson on December 3, 2012

Stephen Bainbridge has some speculations about whether university law clinics can be successfully divorced from politicized cause-mongering, and along the way, kind comments for my book Schools for Misrule. More: Ann Althouse.

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1 Anonymous Attorney 12.04.12 at 1:52 pm

Not that this provides a solution to the problem at hand, but there is a such thing as conservative and libertarian pro bono. See, Institute for Justice. Heritage Foundation also has a network, and of course there’s Pacific Legal, Atlantic Legal, etc. (not sure if all those groups are still around).

That is, if it’s too tricky and icky to “depoliticize” clinic work, then make it equal opportunity. Affirmative action for conservatism!

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