“Guns are largely forbidden in Bermuda…”

by Walter Olson on January 27, 2013

…but Mayor Bloomberg of New York, one of the nation’s most famously anti-gun politicos, has a dispensation for armed bodyguards from his own NYPD. [NY Times via Instapundit]


1 mojo 01.28.13 at 5:28 pm

Why? Bermuda is in the Commonwealth, Brit law. Bloomie doesn’t even have bragging rights there, so why doe he get to have a posse of armed thugs?

2 econobiker 01.30.13 at 12:14 am

Gun laws are just for the “little people”.

Those who command millions of dollars and political capital don’t have to obey gun laws since they can hide behind their “need for security” because of said wealth and political connections.

When a person never has to fly on a commercial plane (even First Class), never has to drive his/her own car, is always surrounded by security people or gated security controlled access (private estates, private apartment buildings, private clubs, private social events, etc) and does not interact with the rest of the world other than from behind a podium, those persons lose touch with the real world and real people’s need for security such as when the police are 2, 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes away.

I posed the question to Mayor Bloomberg’s twitter feed on whether he would have his security detail give up their weapons or even just subtitute semi-automatic pistols for revolvers, I never ever got a response. That is the real question that the infotainment media should be asking of the Mayor but that media is afflicted by the same disease from which the mayor, the rest of elected officials, and the liberal elite suffer.

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