February 17 roundup

by Walter Olson on February 17, 2013

  • Federal taxpayers via National Cancer Institute grant dished out more than a million dollars to pay for laughable conspiracy-theory report smearing Tea Party [Hans Bader, more, Jacob Sullum on report from Stanton Glantz, whom we've often met before] “Rather than [being] a spontaneous popular phenomenon, opposition to the tea parties was nurtured by the government.” [@RameshPonnuru]
  • Ken on why the relentless overuse of the epithet “bullying” gets on his (and my) nerves [Popehat; Clark at Popehat on New York police chiefs who feel bullied because someone won't sell them guns]
  • On immigration, advocates of liberty can’t afford to ignore the future-polity angle [Eugene Volokh; Ilya Somin with a response]
  • More on that wretched State of the Union retread, the Paycheck Fairness Act [Hans Bader, Ted Frank, 2009 DoL study, earlier here, here, here, here, here, etc.] Other dud SOTU ideas: federally paid universal preschool [Andrew Coulson, related, more, related on minority kids' results, yet more, Neal McCluskey on public infant care, Tyler Cowen] minimum wage hike [Chris Edwards, Veronique de Rugy]
  • Woman sues fitness club over “sexually suggestive” exercises [CBS Dallas]
  • Silent witness: undeveloped state of law, police, insurance contribute to widespread Russian use of dashboard cams [WaPo]
  • Would-be assassin came dressed as postman: Danish free-speech advocate Lars Hedegaard interviewed [Spectator]

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1 Robert 02.17.13 at 6:37 pm

That woman’s case may inspire me to sue one of those “women’s only” clubs like “Curves” for not letting men join….

2 Richard Nieporent 02.18.13 at 9:08 am

ederal taxpayers via National Cancer Institute grant dished out more than a million dollars to pay for laughable conspiracy-theory report smearing Tea Party

One could dismiss this study by saying that it doesn’t pass the laugh test. However, the fact that this study was funded by the National Cancer Institute should give one pause. It is bad enough when the Left tries to delegitimize an organization (or person) by insinuating that not only are its policies wrong but that it is out of the mainstream and therefore it should not be allowed to take part in the political process. However, when such ideas are promulgated by an agency of the government, then we are on the path of officially sanctioning the removal of such an organization from the political process. It is fraught with danger when the government decides who is or is not legitimate.

On a side note, the irony of the government trying to link the Tea Party to Big Tobacco is quite palpable. It is the government, not the Tea Party, that is in bed with Big Tobacco. For each pack of cigarettes sold the government makes 10 times the amount of money than does the Tobacco industry. You would think that they should be more solicitous of their cash cow.

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