If you think complying with Dodd-Frank is complicated…

by Walter Olson on March 16, 2013

…try opening a wood-fired pizza restaurant just off the gritty Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Brooklyn [Ira Stoll]


1 Jerryskids 03.16.13 at 4:23 pm

When you have to pay expeditors to shepherd your petition for permission to operate a business through Byzantium, you are pretty much ruled by bureaucrats. I have heard that in India and Mexico and some other countries, bureaucrats are incentivized by expressions of graditude – discretely proffered, of course – to expedite paperwork as well. Are these expeditors then those sorts of ‘grease monkeys’?

2 OBQuiet 03.17.13 at 4:19 pm

But using an expeditor in a foreign country leaves you subject to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and could mean fines and/or jail time.

Maybe that should be the slogan for these guys: Build In America. Keep the Corruption LOCAL!

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