HUD, Westchester approach showdown

by Walter Olson on April 24, 2013

By a 12-4 vote, the board of legislators of the suburban New York county has approved going to court against the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development in the long-running dispute. HUD is still insisting that the county enact a “source of income discrimination” law barring private landlords from turning away Section 8 federally aided tenants, as well as critically reexamine zoning rules in its various towns. [Peter Applebome, NYT, Journal-News, Newsday] Earlier here, etc.

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1 Western Rover 04.24.13 at 4:24 pm

I rented a house once on a six-month lease, where I had to provide my own refrigerator, and that had no railing on a 3′ high porch. If a family wanted to use Section 8 to pay for the house, I believe that any of those three conditions would have prevented the assistance office from accepting the house.

Would the law HUD wants require a landlord to correct such conditions, or would this landlord have been de facto exempt from this law had it existed in that time and place?

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