Security agencies vs. being made fun of

by Walter Olson on November 2, 2013

In cease-and-desist letters, the NSA and DHS have moved to squash satirical use of their insignia in connection with t-shirts and mugs saying things like “The NSA: The Only Part of Government That Actually Listens” [Paul Alan Levy]

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1 rxc 11.04.13 at 11:23 am

I used to work for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission(the government agency), and I seem to remember that in one legal proceeding one of the parties called itself the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. That was the actual name that the organization used, and I seem to remember that the legal documents played it straight, and referred to them as they wished to be identified.

Also, what are the FBI and the CIA doing about all those T-Shirts out there with their initials on them? Not to mention all the FDNY caps, etc…?

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