Most popular posts July-September 2013

by Walter Olson on December 29, 2013

Our most heavily trafficked post in July 2013 was “Keep prosecuting until they get the result they want?” The most commented-on posts were that one, “Kickback allegations — and fountains of unearned cash — at the BP gulf spill fund” and “Imagine what a genuine malfunction might have cost.”

August’s most clicked-on post was “Shock! “Double Stuf Oreos Don’t Actually Have Double The Creme” (Update: co. denies)” The most commented-on posts were “Solomon wept: Baby Veronica decision followup“, the Oreos post, and “Can restaurants take your keys if you are intoxicated?

The most visited post in September was “Boston Globe tackles attractiveness discrimination.” The most commented-on posts were “Just don’t call them quotas: disabled-hiring benchmarks for federal contractors“, the Boston Globe post above, and “The California disease.”