Alt-medicine personality menaces critic

by Walter Olson on May 20, 2014

Author Jon Entine, associated with George Mason U.’s STATS project and a visiting fellow at AEI, wrote a highly critical piece at about Mike Adams, whose extremely controversial views on science, medicine, vaccines, GMOs and other topics get wide circulation through the site Natural News, much shared on the internet. Adams’s resulting legal threats led Forbes to pull down the Entine piece (the publication of which Adams deemed “cyber-bullying” and “electronic harassment”), and Keith Kloor at DiscoverBlogs prints choice excerpts from what is said to be Adams’s electronic correspondence with Entine. More: Sharon Hill, Doubtful News.

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1 wfjag 05.20.14 at 5:07 pm

Orac and his followers are fairly hostile to Mike Adams (and not complementary of the supposed “science” Adams promotes):

The “Health Ranger” Mike Adams engages in legal thuggery against a critic, (May 19, 2014 )

[and some of the linked YouTube videos are amusing, too].

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