George Will on the Wisconsin John Doe probe

by Walter Olson on May 12, 2014

The syndicated columnist praises Judge Rudolph Randa’s

remarkably emphatic ruling against an especially egregious example of Democrats using government power to suppress conservatives’ political speech.

Wisconsin’s sordid episode began, appropriately, with a sound of tyranny — fists pounding on the doors of private citizens in pre-dawn raids. While sheriff’s deputies used floodlights to illuminate the citizens’ homes, armed raiders seized documents, computers, cellphones and other devices.

Earlier here, here, etc.

And two Republican Wisconsin lawmakers are calling for a thorough review into the activities of the state Government Accountability Board, which “oversees Wisconsin campaign and election laws,” and whose contracted investigator, Dean Nickel, is reported to have played a role in setting in motion the process which resulted in the investigation of dozens of conservative organizations. [M.D. Kittle, Wisconsin Reporter/] More: Milwaukee Federalist Society chapter roundup of coverage.


1 Jim Sweet 05.12.14 at 9:58 am

“Wisconsin lawmakers are calling for a thorough review into the activities of the state Government Accountability Board” — Who needs a review? Start demolition today, salting of the ground to follow.

2 MattS 05.12.14 at 10:38 am

“salting of the ground to follow”

Holy Water would be more effective.

Disclosure: I live in Wisconsin.

3 John Burgess 05.12.14 at 12:57 pm

@MattS: I’m unclear where the ‘burning at the stake’ part comes in… is that before or after the salt/holy water?

4 MattS 05.12.14 at 2:00 pm

After, you mix the ashes with salt and / or holy water to prevent healing / re-growth / resurrection.

Also, if your ‘burning at the stake’ comment was to try and invoke a witch hunt you should know that burning at the stake was for heretics, witches were hung. Some confusion between the two comes from the fact that certain high profile historical figures that were burned at the stake were either accused of both or accused of witchcraft, but convicted of heresy.

5 John Burgess 05.12.14 at 4:34 pm

@MattS: No, no implications intended. Just that these guys need to be burned at the stake as a suitable punishment. Drawing-and-quartering is way too messy for observers.

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