I wish more companies would do this when attacked

by Walter Olson on June 22, 2014

New York Times columnist Tim Egan takes a swing at Wal-Mart, and Wal-Mart swings back.

P.S. Now expanded into a longer post at Cato — don’t miss the (very good!) views of Obama administration chief economist Jason Furman. (& Scott Shackford, Reason)

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New York Times Writer Tim Egan Totally Pwned By WalMart. | Raised On Hoecakes
06.25.14 at 6:01 am


1 Smallgovernmentguy 06.23.14 at 10:46 am

Do the kids today still say “Burn!”? Nice takedown by Walmart…

2 Hugo S. Cunningham 06.25.14 at 11:31 am

General retail has long been a low-paying field, but Wal-Mart made some passionate enemies when they expanded into groceries. Supermarkets used to have a higher pay scale, and were sometimes unionized. Wal-Mart quit having in-house butchers, however, when this somewhat skilled and dangerous trade showed a propensity for unions.

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