15 years ago today

by Walter Olson on July 1, 2014

I launched Overlawyered on July 1, 1999. You can read the first half-month’s worth of posts here.

Many other sites on law and public policy had been in operation before July 1999, but depending on how you define “blog,” Overlawyered might have a reasonable claim to being the oldest known law blog.


1 Turk 07.01.14 at 4:25 pm

A pioneer. You should decorate the blog with wagon wheels.

Mazel tov on the anniversary.

2 Rick 07.01.14 at 9:36 pm

Congrats. Like Obama , I am a constitutional lawyer, based on one Con Law course in college. (The James River Bridge Case is my personal fav). Great website with timely updates. Thank you.
Rick the eye doc.

3 Raymond Reichelt 07.02.14 at 7:26 am

Congratulations -I look forward to many more years of great posts

4 Walter Olson 07.02.14 at 1:41 pm

As Robert Ambrogi reminds us, Greg Siskind, who has been blogging about immigration law since 2007 at least, used scrolling updates with newest on top in May-June 1998 to alert readers to changes in pending H-1B legislation.

Did that page, with its updates on top, inaugurate legal blogging? I think it’s a matter of definitions. If “scrolling updates with newest on top” = “blogging,” then you could call that legal blogging a year before Overlawyered. If by blog you mean a writing project that’s intended as ongoing and as involving multiple freestanding posts, then no, not exactly.

Whoever came first, Overlawyered remains the *oldest* legal blog anyone seems to have found.

5 Igor 07.02.14 at 1:52 pm

“It was fourty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the Band to play, they’ve been going in-and-out of style, but they’re guaranteed to raise a smile…”

Okay, so I edited it a bit…

Just thought I’d have fun with you ,Walter. 20 years as a blog is doing rather well, actually…


6 Ron Miller 07.02.14 at 2:00 pm

I hope I’m reading (and often disagreeing) with your posts in 15 years from now. Congratulations.

7 Boblipton 07.02.14 at 2:27 pm

This is a legal blog? I thought it was a source of straight lines.


8 Stewart Peterson 07.02.14 at 2:44 pm

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

9 SmallGovernmentGuy 07.02.14 at 9:44 pm

I only come here to read the entertaining posts of Boblipton…and the veal…

10 gitarcarver 07.02.14 at 11:37 pm

As anyone who actually blogs will tell you, it is a lot of work. I would bet that most people don’t realize how much work it is.

Most people stop blogging after about 6 months. More after a year.

Fifteen years is an incredible run and you should be applauded not only for your tenacity, but the great service and platform for discussions you provide.


11 Rogers Turner 07.03.14 at 7:50 am

Congratulations! Generating daily intelligent content reflects great commitment and hard work…. Doing it for 15 years straight is something else. Keep up the great work. Will buy you a celebratory beverage at some point.

12 Melvin H. 07.04.14 at 3:24 am

Congratulations on fifteen years!! This was the first site recommended to me (the first after I got online on AOL) by a teammate of mine back when I was playing darts–this was back about 2000 or 2001; it’s my oldest bookmarked site, it’s still one of the places I come on a near-daily basis, and I’m not even in the profession of law! This is always interesting to come to, whether it’s the comments, new stories, or the round-ups. May you have many more years of interesting reading, debates, and success.

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