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Lines that made me laugh

by Walter Olson on October 10, 2012

“This is known as the ‘Canadian girlfriend’ school of legal argumentation.” [Popehat, on the unwillingness of the British government to cite specific legal authority backing up its threats against, a U.S.-based website]

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October 2 roundup

by Walter Olson on October 2, 2012

  • CFPB hopes to fix regulation that has prevented stay-home moms from getting credit [Bloomberg Business Week, earlier]
  • Uncertified class action: “Federal judge orders cost-shifting for fishing expedition” [PoL] Ted Frank objects to $10 million fee in “cosmetic” Johnson & Johnson settlement [Daniel Fisher, PoL]
  • “Accused of Providing Blank Arrest Warrants to Police, Georgia Magistrate Resigns” [ABA Journal]
  • Lester Brickman, Peter Schuck in new podcast on Brickman’s book Lawyer Barons [Federalist Society]
  • “Wright and Ginsburg on Behavioral Law & Economics” [NW Law Review and SSRN via Adler]
  • “17th injury claim in 12 years got Chicago cop her disability deal” [Sun-Times]
  • “Injured while working for the Empire? Call Lando Calrissian.” Law firm ad parody [YouTube]

Humpty Dumpty…

by Walter Olson on September 23, 2012

…had a great career in litigation after his fall [Pearls Before Swine cartoon, Sept. 23]


Satire by Kyle Graham about some high-level legal-literary feuding.

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Among them, The Randy Barnett: “Activity tonight, inactivity tomorrow!” [Tristyn Bloom]

A well-worn figure of speech among legal advocates is a literal tradition in some New England coastal communities, especially on Boston’s North Shore. [Ben Zimmer, Boston Globe]

Dear genie

by Walter Olson on June 30, 2012

When I wished for there to be less power in Washington, I think you misunderstood.

More: This is looking like my most popular Tweet ever, thanks @chucktodd and many others.

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Very funny lines

by Walter Olson on June 16, 2012

“I would say that Judge Kozinski doesn’t have an ideology so much as a Dungeons & Dragons alignment: Chaotic Neutral.” [Kyle Graham]

Kyle Graham kicked off the meme with examples that include “Guido Calabresi” = “Discourage Bail,” “Elizabeth Warren” = “Brazen Wealthier” and “Cass Sunstein” = “Insanest Cuss.” My contributions include “Randy Barnett” = “Nab Red Tyrant” and “Dale Carpenter” = “Parade Lectern.” If you’re wondering about rearrangements of my own name, by the way, the best one seems to be “Wastrel Loon.”

P.S. “Stephen Breyer” = “Hereby Repents” and more Supreme Court Justice anagram names.


May 3 roundup

by Walter Olson on May 3, 2012

He had previously faced charges of, yes, failure to appear [Lowering the Bar]

For the intersection of tort buffs and Edward Gorey fans — I can’t be the only such one — don’t miss this from Kyle Graham at his excellent new blog Non Curat Lex:

…C is for Carter who slipped on some ice

D is for Dillon who might have died twice

E is for Escola nicked by some pop

F is for Fletcher whose mine needed a mop…

Original reference here.


March 21 roundup

by Walter Olson on March 21, 2012

  • Shame on DoJ: “Systematic concealment” of evidence when feds prosecuted Sen. Ted Stevens [WaPo, Caleb Mason/Prawfs] NYT notes feds’ losing streak in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act prosecutions [NYT, our latest]
  • Italy: tax officials stop luxury cars, demand drivers’ most recent tax returns [Secular Right]
  • Pinterest: casual users (perhaps especially casual users) might be opening themselves to copyright liability [DDK Portraits, WSJ Law Blog] And in case you needed a reminder not to publish photos grabbed from random web sources… [Webcopyplus]
  • In new Atlantic special report, Philip K. Howard collects papers on outdated government law and regulation from contributors Robert Litan, Julie Barnes, Mark Warner, Jim Cooper;
  • Institute for Justice sues IRS over its new licensing requirements for tax preparers [Ilya Shapiro and Chaim Gordon/Cato, Paul Caron/TaxProf, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Barton Hinkle]
  • “It is acceptable to refer to all court proceedings as a ‘trial,’ because seriously, you ever sat through one of those things?” [@FakeAPStylebook]
  • Christopher Booker series on child-snatching by UK authorities [Telegraph: first, second, third]

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February 24 roundup

by Walter Olson on February 24, 2012

  • Melissa Kite, columnist with Britain’s Spectator, writes about her low-speed car crash and its aftermath [first, second, third, fourth]
  • NYT’s Nocera lauds Keystone pipeline, gets called “global warming denier” [NYTimes] More about foundations’ campaign to throttle Alberta tar sands [Coyote] Regulations mandating insurance “disclosures” provide another way for climate change activists to stir the pot [Insurance and Technology]
  • “Cop spends weeks to trick an 18-year-old into possession and sale of a gram of pot” [Frauenfelder, BB]
  • Federal Circuit model order, pilot program could show way to rein in patent e-discovery [Inside Counsel, Corporate Counsel] December Congressional hearing on discovery costs [Lawyers for Civil Justice]
  • Trial lawyer group working with Senate campaigns in North Dakota, Nevada, Wisconsin, Hawaii [Rob Port via LNL] President of Houston Trial Lawyers Association makes U.S. Senate bid [Chron]
  • Panel selection: “Jury strikes matter” [Ron Miller, Maryland Injury]
  • Law-world summaries/Seventeen syllables long/@legal_haiku (& for a similar treatment of high court cases, check out @SupremeHaiku)

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Because it’s fun [James Mitchell via Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing]

Saying something good

by Walter Olson on December 19, 2011

“When someone dies you’re only supposed to say something good. Kim Jong-Il just died. Good.” (with apologies to Bette Davis; this seems on the way to becoming one of my most popular Twitter posts ever, even getting a mention in the Hollywood Reporter)


A humorous take on the news that supermarkets in the United Kingdom may soon be freed to enter the legal services market [NewsThump]:

…there are fears that the income of Britain’s lawyers could be slightly affected.

“Our members are already feeling the pinch, and in some cases we’ve had to not quite bleed people dry”, claimed Claude Darkus of the Law Society….

Consumers have already formed several support groups for struggling lawyers, with drop-in centres where they can have a quick money shower and kick some puppies.