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There’s already a class action demanding medical monitoring. [Dionne Searcey, WSJ Law Blog]

The latest issue of the Federalist Society’s Class Action Watch has many articles of interest to Overlawyered readers:

  • William E. Thomson & Kahn A. Scolnick on the Exxon Shipping case;
  • Jimmy Cline on Arkansas’s disregard for class action certification standards;
  • Jim Copland on the “Colossus” class action;
  • Laurel Harbour on the New Jersey Supreme Court decision on medical monitoring class actions;
  • Lyle Roberts on lead-counsel selection in securities class actions;
  • Mark A. Behrens & Frank Cruz-Alvarez on the lead paint public nuisance decision by the Rhode Island Supreme Court; and
  • Andrew Grossman, extensively citing to Overlawyered and my brief in discussing the Grand Theft Auto class action settlement rejection.


Mark Herrmann has details of Sinclair v. Merck.  The decision also suggests that the New Jersey Supreme Court is going to affirm the intermediate McDarby decision rejecting the use of consumer-fraud law for product-liability claims in New Jersey.